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Here is a list of some of the services we provide:


 Product Liability Investigations

 Catastrophic & Major Personal Injury

 Background Investigations

 Asset Searches

 Real Estate Investigations

 Skip Tracing / Locates

 Process Serving

 Insurance Investigations

 Trademark Infringement


 Civil & Criminal Investigations


Information about Backgrounds

Despite what many companies claim there is no nationwide comprehensive criminal database. Law enforcement agencies have access to the NCIC database which is also not all inclusive. NCIC operates under a shared management concept between the FBI and federal, state, and local criminal entities. The entry, modification, and removal of records are the responsibility of the agency that entered them. No one outside law enforcement has access to this database. The Live Scan fingerprint service is operated by the Department of Justice. This service checks a subject's fingerprints and cross references them with the subject's submitted identifying information, name, date of birth etc. It then reports a pass or fail type result using the results of the fingerprint search performed by the Department of Justice. Not all criminal records are reported back to the requesting agency.

Criminal records are kept at either the County level or the Federal level. To perform an accurate public criminal record check it is necessary to check where a subject has resided and then search those Counties. The Sankey Firm has access to many different Counties through databases we subscribe to. We also have access to Federal criminal records and are readily familiar with the Megan’s law database. The Sankey Firm has developed an affordable way to check a subject for any criminal offenses. Results usually include case numbers and the charges; however on occasion the charges are not listed and further research has to be performed at additional cost. It must be noted that it is possible that a subject could have been arrested in a different County or State where he has no address history. These records would be difficult to identify without prior knowledge of the crime; however, this is why The Sankey Firm also checks an additional database that contains criminal records from all over the Country. Information needed to perform search: Name including middle initial, date of birth, and last known address to perform these searches.