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The Sankey Firm has been designed to assist attorneys with the difficult task of delving through the myriad of information that has presented itself with the advent of the information age. No longer are we challenged with just obtaining information, but we now find ourselves presented with the challenge of interpreting that information. This often includes verifying entities, properly indentifying witnesses, and locating assets, vehicles and people. Sorting through information databases has become a specialty of Sankey, and we take pleasure in being experts in our field. We also provide comprehensive witness interviews, so you are not left not knowing what a witness is going to say at deposition. Please contact us at to discuss your investigative needs.  

Giles Sankey

Giles Sankey specializes in product liability investigation as it relates to automotive defense. He has been involved in the defense of auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Honda, Ford and many more. Giles has also conducted detailed background investigations for the insurance industry. These background investigations have involved developing personal histories on individuals going back to their childhood.

Giles has been responsible for the development of many new investigative techniques that have improved the acquisition of data that leads to the discovery of crucial information. He has also taken a leadership position in development of digital technology that has opened up many new avenues for successful investigations.

Educated at the Masters College in Santa Clarita, Giles has a Bachelors degree in Christian Ministries with an emphasis in counseling. This area of study has contributed to his ability to understand human nature and all of its complexities, which has led to the successful interview of hundreds of potential witnesses.

Giles holds a first-degree black belt in Hapkido from the American Hapkido Association. He is also a counsel member of Grace Brethren Schools in Simi Valley. He is an active member of his church, and he is married with two daughters.

Todd Sankey

With over twenty years experience, Todd has become the company specialist in Background and Asset Investigations. His expert analysis of all aspects of public records and source information gives you the advantage you want and the information you need. Attention to detail has always been Todd’s forte. The background and asset reports have become a highly sought after product here at The Sankey Firm.

Todd’s attributes are also utilized to the fullest extent as Operations Manager. Todd critiques, assembles and finalizes the entire reporting process. This is designed to control and standardize the quality of our product.

Todd is married with three children. He is a youth football and baseball coach, very much involved in all of his three children’s sporting activities. Todd is also an active member of his church.

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